New mission, logo shows SAIC Motor's transition to user-orientated high-tech firm


China's largest carmaker, SAIC Motor, published its new vision, mission, values, and logo on June 15, indicating its transition to a user-oriented high-tech company.

Its new stated value is to be user-oriented,more attention on open partnerships and innovation to achieve further. The company’s new vision is to provide an exciting ride for a green and intelligent future.

The carmaker's new logo uses a youthful and flat design language to reflect the dynamic vitality of a “New SAIC”.

Last year, SAIC Motor started piloting the sharing of automobile data with users to improve the user experience of IM Motors, an electric vehicle brand jointly founded by SAIC Motor, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, and Alibaba Group

Moreover, SAIC Motor is making every effort to tackle the serialized "three-core system" with long endurance, multiple energy gradients, and multiple drive systems. By the end of the year, the company's new-generation electric battery system will be put into operation with improved safety, fast charging, and energy conversion efficiency.

By 2025, SAIC Motor plans to launch a solid-state lithium battery with high levels of safety and high energy density for commercial applications, and its L4 intelligent driving technology will be used in IM, R brand, intelligent heavy trucks, and Robotaxi.

Aiming at the next generation of electric smart cars where "data determines experience and software defines cars", SAIC Motor will focus on user experience innovation and promote changes in product design and business models. At present, SAIC Motor is the first in China auto industry to conduct a comprehensive layout of the five centers of software development, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cyber security, and initially establish the technical capabilities for intelligent cars. In the future, SAIC Motor will strengthen its independent control of the "brain and soul" of smart cars such as SOA software platform and centralized electronic architecture through self-research of core software across the domain. It is planned to achieve mass production of L4 autonomous driving technology in 2025 and become the leading intelligent driving enterprise in China.

Technological evolutions have not only broken the industrial boundaries, but also promoted auto companies to expand new circles of friends and reshape the industrial ecology. The ecological circle of friends that integrates industry and finance will become SAIC Motor's strongest "resource".

SAIC Motor worked with Alibaba and OPPO to expand Internet ecological cooperation; with Tencent in areas such as network information security and Internet content ecology. Cooperate with Huawei, NVIDIA, Mobileye, TTTech, to form system-level solutions from perception, decision-making to execution. In conjunction with China Mobile, Huawei, and Shanghai International Automobile City, jointly build the country's first "5G Smart Transportation" demonstration zone in Jiading International Automobile City.

The continuous expansion of the "co-creation and win-win" ecosystem will provide strong support for collaborative innovation, ensure supply chain security, and reduce costs, and promote the high-quality and coordinated development of multiple industries.

Looking into the future, SAIC Motor will strive to carry greater brand impact, more comparative advantages, and more flexible in systems and mechanisms. It will strive to seize the commanding heights of the global automotive industry in the future, strive to become a world-class automotive company.

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