SAIC’s innovative cars service Pujiang Innovation Forum

SAIC Motor presented its innovative products at an exhibition during the Pujiang Innovation Forum held in Shanghai from Sept 23 to 26.

As the strategic partner of the forum, SAIC displayed Roewe RX5, the world’s first mass-produced internet car, Roewe e950 plugin hybrid, Roewe 950 fuel cell, and Maxus pure electric MPV EG10. Roewe’s e950, Maxus G10, Maxus V80 and Sunwin buses were appointed the official reception vehicles by the forum to provide services.

The products embodied SAIC’s visions of building itself into a world-famous innovative auto company, and also the results of the group’s innovation-driven development strategy.

In recent years, SAIC has focused on the key areas of internet, new energy and intelligent technologies and been actively forging its technological advantages for innovation-driven growth.

In the field of internet-based cars, SAIC accelerated the construction of an ecosystem based on mobile services. Roewe RX5, the world’s first mass-produced car on the internet, was released on July 6, with relevant service platforms having fully integrated online and offline resources and map services. By September 2015, orders for RX5 had exceeded 40,000 units, indicating its great popularity among consumers.

In the new energy sector, SAIC gained core technologies in battery, electric drive and electric control. It rolled out Roewe E50 pure electric, Roewe E550 plugin hybrid, Roewe E950 plugin hybrid, and other popular models boasting advanced technology and high quality. In January-August 2016, SAIC saw sales of its new energy vehicles exceed 16,000 units, up 140 percent from the same period of 2015.

In the field of intelligent driving, the self-developed second-generation smart driving concept MG iGS completed 14,000 km of road simulation tests and highway testing, and applied for more than ten national patents. Some of the intelligent functions included automatically following the lane while driving on road and automatic parking. SAIC also provided intelligent transport demonstration services for the G20 Summit in September, during which it presented to international guests China’s research results in frontier technology.

In the future, SAIC will continue to push forward innovation-driven development, with a focus on key areas of new energy, internet and intelligent technologies. It will actively contribute to Shanghai’s effort to build a global tech innovation center, as well as Chinese auto industry’s robust growth.

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