SAIC Motor in the spotlight at 2014 Auto-China

The SAIC Motor Group has more than 100 new cars on display in three halls and outdoor exhibit areas, at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, April 20-29, from eight subsidiaries, with 11 new models making their debut. The theme of the exhibition is “Relying on future technology to drive the dream” and SAIC  is highlighting three area at this year’s show -- new energy, new technology, and new products -- to demonstrate its achievements in innovation and core competitiveness, and in exploring sustainable development.

New energy-carrier of future automotive development

Searching for new energy industrialization has always been a key SAIC Motor concern as part of its social responsibilities and it has reached a commanding position in future industrial development, outlining the technical route for new energy development in driving power trends, increasing the use of hybrid power and e-vehicles, and pushing R&D upgrades and fuel cell car production. It has put 5.6 billion yuan ($894.63 million) into new energy development, since 2009, to build China’s first complete new-energy auto industry chain and take the lead in vehicle production capacity.

At the 2014 Auto-China show, SAIC Motor had three new energy models on display – the Roewe 550 Plug-in hybrid e-vehicle, Roewe E50 e-vehicle, and Roewe 950 fuel-cell e-vehicle. In the commercial vehicle field, the Maxus subsidiary had its V80 Hybrid on display, while the Nanjing NAVECO Co showed its e-commercial vehicle, and Shanghai Sunwin Bus had its hybrid power e-city bus. These symbolize how SAIC Motor has become a leader in the domestic vehicle business with its new energy vehicle, design, and innovation capacity, and sustainable R&D.  

New technology drives competitive upgrades

Various auto companies have been emphasizing new power-train R&D, these days, with greater power, higher torque, lower fuel consumption, and lower emission and SAIC Motor, as a Chinese leader, has been building its own innovative R&D system and cooperating with other companies on its own competitive brands. The new CUBE-TECH power-train, which had its debut at the 2014 Auto-China show, is an example of that independent R&D and cooperation with world-famous auto companies, with its direct injection fuel engine, TST 6 and TST 7 dual clutch transmissions, and new generation starting and stopping system. Over the next five years, this new power-train will be used in all of SAIC Motor’s next generation of vehicles with the goal of reducing the carbon emissions by more than 20 percent and increasing power and efficiency by more than 20 percent.

SAIC Motor’s market planning calls for all its vehicle models around the world to come with CUBE-TECH and its research achievements, in addition to being used in the Roewe and MG series, will provide solutions for other vehicle companies in getting fuel consumption to comply with strict international standards.

New products meting various customer needs

The Roewe W5 Urban Concept, SAIC Motor’s own brand, continues with its “man of iron” style and providing more fashionable, more technological, and more practical cross-country driving experiences while the MG series brings a world of driving with a British flavor. Its 90th anniversary sticker and its British characteristics provide the perfect birthday dress for the latest MG edition, thereby opening the curtains on its 90th anniversary activities.

Meanwhile the Maxus Co, after introducing its MPV G10, will be showing its brand new flagship G10, at the 2014 Auto-China show, with a richer, more human configuration and more advanced technology of the mid-to-upper end MPV. The Baojun brand of SGMW brings the Baojun 610 (5-seater) and Baojun 730 (7-seater), designed specifically for family use. These two vehicles show the determination of SGMW in passenger cars development. And, the new Volkswagen concept car from Shanghai Volkswagen strikes the right pose at 2014 Auto-China, with its functional, sporty, fashionably characteristics, and elegant, dynamic design philosophy, as a new trend in the personalized car market. At the same time, the new SKODA Octavia is making its public appearance for the first time, with brand new design, space and operation features, and high-tech configuration. Then there is the new generation of Chevrolet Cruze, from Shanghai GM, designed especially to meet the needs of the Chinese, with a goal of becoming the benchmark for the compact intermediate car segment. And, the Chevrolet TRAX introduces a new urban SUV generation, created especially for the young urbanites, while the new generation of CTS, as the luxury rear-wheel vehicle in the intermediate luxury vehicle market, represent the new design and performance of Cadillac.

There are also new SAIC Motor commercial vehicle products, for instance, the luxurious Yuejin business model, Nanjing NAVECO’s top light truck, and the GENLYON, an energy- and environment-saving tractor from SAIC-Iveco Hongyan. With all these new vehicles, SAIC Motor will be able to put its scientific, technological, innovative, and business expansion power on full display to meet the dreams of car customers of the future.

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