SAIC limousines shine at Chengdu Motor Show

Billed as “China’s first internet administrative cars”, the new Roewe 950 and Roewe e950 plug-in hybrid version were displayed at the Chengdu Motor Show in West China’s Sichuan province on Aug 25.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化

Produced by SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the two models are designed to meet customer demands for medium-to-high commercial business and intelligent green travel.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化

Top officials from SAIC Motor, Wang Xiaoqiu and Yu Jingming, as well as Shi Xuesong, chief executive officer of Banma Internet Technology, pose with car owners at the Chengdu Motor Show on Aug 25.

The official price for the Roewe 950 is between 168,800 to 203,800 yuan ($25,800 to $31,150) and the 50T internet version of the Roewe e950 is 255,900 yuan.

The development of the internet and the application of new energy is redefining the term  limousine, which now expresses a sense of the future, employs advanced technology and satisfies people’s desire for entertainment and social interaction. With their outstanding performance and luxury configuration, the Roewe 950 and e950 are the typical modern limousine.

The two vehicles are installed with an advanced internet system which can facilitate customers’ needs for travel, entertainment and shopping. The system can provide traffic information to help drivers avoid traffic jams. Information on filling stations and parking lots is also available for clients. Drivers can also control the skylight and navigation system with their voices. The remote control system allows the users to turn on the air conditioner without having to be close to the car. An intelligent charging map help drivers find available charging piles as quickly as possible.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化


The Roewe e950 adopts SAIC’s power technology – NetBlue and NetGreen – which give the vehicle a maximum toque of 677 Nm and lower oil consumption over 100 kilometers to 1.7 liters. This vehicle also has an endurance mileage of more than 600 km, making it possible for drivers to take long journeys between cities. The Roewe 950 and e950 are also installed with an intelligent light control system which can recognize approaching vehicles and maximize driving safety.

The two vehicles also offer over-the-air (OTA) technology, allowing them to achieve online upgrades and providing the latest driving experiences for drivers.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化

With the above advantages, the vehicles have been well received by the market since they were launched in July 2016. By this July, as many as 210,000 Roewe RX5 SUVs were sold, making the model the sales champion among new cars. The Roewe RX5 also won Germany’s iF Design Award 2017 and China’s 2017 Xuanyuan Award. Thanks to the popularity of the Roewe RX5 and Roewe eRX5, SAIC Motor achieved a year-on-year increase of 109 percent in sales volume.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化

SAIC Motor has developed a complete internet vehicle product line covering sedans and SUVs as well as conventionally powered cars and new energy vehicles, whose models are the Roewe RX5, Roewe eRX5, Roewe ERX5, Roewe i6, Roewe ei6, and the new Roewe 950 and Roewe e950.

Taking the development of the internet as a guide, SAIC Motor will launch more internet vehicles to provide more choices for customers.

全新荣威950、荣威e950定义“高级轿车” 成都车展亮相售价16.88万起 互联网汽车上市一周年 系统升级带来颠覆式进化

At the exhibition in Chengdu, representatives from SAIC Motor also made recommendations for the upgraded internet system – Banma Intelligent Driving – and announced a plan to recruit people to experience and test the system.

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