As the New Logistics Mode Appears, Your Express Parcels will Be Delivered in This Way

Are you still surprised at the delivered parcel, you ordered before going off work that you’ve received after coming home? Are you still surprised at the delivered Australian fresh food with cool air? Continue to expand the imagination. The future logistics will enter the era of countdown. Moreover, it’ll become smarter, more networked, and cleaner. Needless to say, the convenient, efficient, real-time and transparent urban distribution demand generated by the highly developed new retail has pointed out a new path of smart logistics for the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.

Then, as the important carrier for the transformation of the logistics industry from “sweat type” to “smart type”, how can logistics vehicles meet the higher requirements for delivery capabilities in new application scenarios? What changes will the cooperation between vehicle companies and logistics companies bring to the industry? On May 31, the “2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit” hosted by Alibaba’s CAI NIAO Network was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, attracting thousands of guests from the global technology, retail, logistics and other fields to explore the new logistics in the new era together. At this grand summit, SAIC MAXUS exhibited Smart Mobile Post and Smart Mobile Warehouse developed in cooperation with CAI NIAO Logistics and AnJi Logistics, and gave the answer to the new retail which is strongly supported by smart logistics vehicles.

As the New Logistics Mode Appears, Your Express Parcels will Be Delivered in This Way

[SAIC MAXUS exhibited Smart Mobile Post and Smart Mobile Warehouse developed in cooperation with CAI NIAO Logistics and AnJi Logistics at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit]

The wisdom engine of new logistics is driven with the support of “Loogoos”

If the parcels in the warehouse can realize automatic picking and handling and other processes by robots and robotic arms, and the express packaging can be replaced with green packaging materials, why can’t the logistics vehicles be smart and environmentally friendly as infrastructures of the new retail? The Smart Mobile Post modified by SAIC MAXUS’s pure electric wide-body light passenger bus EV80 has two “most advanced” green properties, namely the world’s highest technical level and the longest driving range in the segment. With the longest continuous driving mileage of up to 360 km, it truly achieves no pollution and zero emissions. The vehicle is equipped with our smart interconnection system, integrating smart vehicle butlers including real-time online condition monitoring, remote real-time online cargo monitoring, fleet scheduling and management, as well as online interconnection, mobile phone interconnection and voice interaction, smart assisted driving and many other practical functions. Self-checking before the departure, real-time update during the delivery, and sending reminders to the consignee before the arrival of the vehicle... This “magically” smart interconnection system will greatly reduce personnel input and improve distribution efficiency.

Besides so, Smart Mobile Post integrates the mobile smart storage and the smart counter of the “last mile of smart delivery”, so the package delivery efficiency is up to 60/hour. The vehicle is also equipped with AnJi smart vehicle rack system. When you scan the code on the door, the pick-up device inside the vehicle will automatically sort the parcels and deliver them from the pick-up exit, thus greatly increasing the delivery speed. It sounds so advanced, right?

As the New Logistics Mode Appears, Your Express Parcels will Be Delivered in This Way

[Smart Mobile Post]

Smart Mobile Warehouse is also full of high technologies. With the long-axis chassis of SAIC MAXUS’s EV80, the vehicle has a large volume of 13.88 m3 22% bigger than the same-class blind window van type and can be loaded with 10 small standard containers in addition to energy saving, environmental protection, super long continuous driving mileage advantages, as well as our smart interconnection system. It is also equipped with AnJi smart vehicle rack system and the smart distribution system of CAI NIAO Logistics, which provides “hands-chopping people” with strong smart services of Loogoos: during the driving, the shelves inside the vehicle move by themselves. Before the vehicle reaches the destination, the shelves have automatically moved the goods to the delivery exit of the co-pilot; it’s the order information that is sent to the vehicle-controlled central control in real time which controls the movement of shelves. This means that on the way of courier delivery, the vehicle saves time instead of labor, which improves the delivery efficiency. At the same time, the efficient and worry-free vehicle system is supplemented by lightweight electric lift tailgate, and the efficiency of delivery and the efficiency of sending and receiving parcels will be greatly improved.

As the New Logistics Mode Appears, Your Express Parcels will Be Delivered in This Way

[Smart Mobile Warehouse]

Using “smartness” to win, build the smart benchmark of logistics ecological circle

From the labor-intensive wilderness stage to the new technology-driven logistics era, every parcel we receive has become more technological. The cooperation between vehicle companies and logistics companies is no longer limited to one-way goods transfer from production to use, but the establishment of two-way intercommunication of information and technology. When the smart logistics under the new retail has gradually become a new field of commercial vehicle application scenarios, every step of the technological development of the vehicle enterprises in the field of logistics vehicles is driven by massive application data. At the same time, smart logistics has raised higher requirements for vehicle enterprises. They must have the ability to accelerate technological innovations in a smarter, more interconnected and cleaner way.

 “Smart Choice”, “Smart Connection”, “Smart Driving” and “Smart Sharing” just show the strengths of SAIC MAXUS’s technological innovation reserves for many years. Under the guidance of new strategy on “Electrification, Smart Networking, Sharing, and Internationalization” of SAIC Motor, SAIC MAXUS, which is backed by SAIC Motor’s brand and system advantages, is committed to bringing more convenience and surprise to travel life. As a bridge and link between terminal consumers and express delivery companies, SAIC MAXUS will also help the traditional logistics distribution to transform its mode through the application of new energy smart logistics vehicles.

In addition, relying on the core technology of “Battery + Motor + Electronic Control” that SAIC Motor has mastered, SAIC MAXUS regards new energy as an important development direction and becomes the only vehicle enterprise in China that is involved in three technical routes, namely pure electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle and a real leader in the development and commercial operation of a new energy all-technology route. Its pure electric wide-body light passenger model EV80 not only provides efficient solutions for the urban logistics markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhongshan, etc., but also frequently obtains orders from overseas markets, being widely recognized by developed markets in Europe, Australia and other places with higher threshold and filling the gap in the European mid-size electric vehicle segment. Besides pure electric vehicles, SAIC MAXUS’s fuel-cell vehicle FCV80 has also achieved commercial operation. The first batch of 100 vehicles has been delivered to customers. At present, vehicles are responsible for commuting in industrial parks of Shanghai, Foshan, Fushun and other places, providing green travel services for the parks and demonstrating green transportation of environmental protection.

When the logistics industry under the new retail meets the automobile Loogoos, the two sides work together to create a new ecology of green and smart logistics, helping to create a new and efficient retail market centered on the consumer experience, which is also the result of their mutual choice. Good at seizing market opportunities, SAIC MAXUS will continue to help logistics users to enhance their core competitiveness and refresh the imagination and experience of end consumers for their future lives.
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