Confirmed Through the Eyes, SAIC MAXUS Is Selected by the SCO Summit Again

As China becomes the world’s second-largest economy, Chinese brands have had the opportunity to increase their international influence. At the same time, in the face of increasingly fierce international competition, China is also urgently calling for a group of big brands that can represent China’s strength in the global market and realize “Chinese brands shared by the world". The SCO Qingdao Summit, which is committed to strengthening international dialogue and cooperation and promoting good neighborliness, is the opportunity and bridge for Chinese brands to go to the world. On the morning of May 18, SAIC MAXUS-SCO Qingdao Summit officially designated car delivery ceremony was held in Qingdao. SAIC MAXUS will serve as the official designated vehicle for the 2018 SCO Qingdao Summit to serve dignitaries and guests from around the world.


A total of 250 SAIC MAXUS mod

Confirmed Through the Eyes, SAIC MAXUS Is Selected by the SCO Summit Again

els have been sponsored, including the V80 that launched the Wide-Bodied Light Passenger 2.0 Era, the, the Big Internet MPV G10 and the private smart-maker and the smart customized SUV D90 for your choice. As an international auto brand owned by SAIC, this is not the first time SAIC MAXUS has appeared at an international conference. SAIC MAXUS has served on many occasions at the APEC summit, the Youth Olympic Committee, the G20 Summit, the BRICS Summit, the CICA Summit, and a series of international high-level tournaments. It has also won the highest honor of receiving world-class religious leaders such as the Pope of Rome in Cuba, accumulating rich experience of large-scale state-guest activities and being highly recognized by dignitaries and guests from all over the world.

SAIC MAXUS has not only created the image of “state guest car” in China, but also established the image of world automobile brand in the world, demonstrating the industrial strength of China’s automobile manufacture. In 2017, SAIC MAXUS sold a total of 10,165 vehicles overseas. Among them, sales in Australia and New Zealand accounted for half of the total overseas sales, a year-on-year increase of nearly 80%. From January to April 2018, overseas sales were up 38% from a year earlier and 47% in April. Developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand are the main sources of sales, while SAIC MAXUS is now the largest Chinese auto brand in Australia in terms of both sales and market share. SAIC MAXUS is becoming a global Chinese brand, making more and more foreign friends and overseas Chinese feel the charm of the Chinese brand.

Confirmed Through the Eyes, SAIC MAXUS Is Selected by the SCO Summit Again

[The vehicle drivers and after-sales security team officially designated by SAIC MAXUS Qingdao Summit take an oath to ensure the completion of the summit service task]

What enables SAIC MAXUS to appear at international high-level summits and to conquer foreign consumers, “going out” on behalf of Chinese car brands? All this is inseparable from the “quality first” spirit of SAIC MAXUS. In China, SAIC MAXUS has the conditions to supply its troops and was awarded the “Shanghai Quality Gold Award 2016”, which represents the quality honor of Shanghai in 2017, which confirms the affirmation and spur of all walks of life and authoritative departments for the awareness of innovation quality promotion, sound quality assurance system and positive quality promotion action of SAIC MAXUS. Overseas, SAIC MAXUS has successively passed the European Union ECE certification and WVTA certification, Australian ADR certification, ANCAP five-star requirements, Gulf GCC certification and other international high standards certification; in 2017, SAIC MAXUS Pickup T60 and SUV D90 were awarded five-star safety standard ratings in the Australian New Car Safety Appraisal Group (ANCAP), setting a record for Chinese auto brands and Chinese brand SUV in ANCAP. To regard quality as the life of an enterprise, to keep awe of quality, and to let the “quality first” “craftsman spirit” go deep into every production link are the secrets of SAIC MAXUS to build the quality of state guests.

Confirmed Through the Eyes, SAIC MAXUS Is Selected by the SCO Summit Again

It is worth mentioning that SAIC MAXUS, as the only Chinese automobile brand to show at the just-concluded Birmingham auto show, delivered the EV80 to Royal Mail on the spot, confirming the high recognition of the British industry users for SAIC MAXUS. Moreover, SAIC MAXUS, which opened the door to the global market in a pioneering manner, is planning to launch the C2B in large-scale personalized intelligent customization model to the world, allowing foreign users to experience the pleasure of choosing a personalized car in three minutes; meanwhile, through the “walking ID”, the bionic intelligent SUV concept car TARANTULA and the electric vehicle platform Double E based on the new electronic and electrical structure, SAIC MAXUS will bring more convenience and surprises for the future travel and life.

“Chinese brands shared by the world” is not only the rise of brands, but also the long voyage of culture. As the overseas responsibility of Chinese automobile brands, SAIC MAXUS insists on serving customers with the quality of state guests, building products with craftsmanship, and driven by the spirit of innovation and the sense of brand responsibility of big countries, is happy to share China’s creation and energy with the world to let the world feel the charm of China. Backed by the strength of SAIC Group, relying on SAIC’s new four strategies “electric, intelligent networking, sharing, internationalization”, SAIC MAXUS will also create more possibilities in the future.

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