SAIC Maxus wheels out MPV G10

SAIC Maxus wheels out MPV G10

SAIC Maxus held a press conference in Shanghai, on Feb 28, to announce the arrival of its MPV G10. The president and Party secretary of SAIC Motors, Chen Hong, the vice-presidents, Xiao Guopu and Chen Demei, and the GM of SAIC Passenger Vehicle, Lan Qingsong, were on hand for the conference.  

With annual sales having broken through 10,000, less than three years after having entered the commercial vehicle business, a breathtaking development, SAIC Maxus ranked among the top three in the wide-body, light-weight class and finished the first stage of its brand strategy, going from a game changer to a real mover.

The company described its brand planning and brand-new logo and brought out the MPV G10, another MPV that contains all of SAIC Motor’s global technical strengths.  

SAIC Maxus now has a dual-brand strategy, with the V80 and G10 and will continue its rapid development with many measures, such as returning to Europe and introducing pickup trucks, to show how Maxus has made an important shift from a revolutionary pusher to a leader in the commercial vehicle business and it will follow a path to global development with internationally competitive products.

New logo announces a global layout

When SAIC Maxus‘s new logo was projected onto the screen it announced a new name card in the global commercial vehicle business, integrating technology, trust, and progress, all at the core of the SAIC Maxus brand, and a reflection of the company’s global strategy for the future.

The new logo has three arrows at the center, signifying technology, trust, and progress, meaning that the company will use its technology to make it the future of the industry, establish market trust with future customers, and use progress to move with the future. The elliptical design symbolizes the company’s global strategic and vision, and highlights the connection between SAIC Maxus and SAIC Motors.

By relying on SAIC Motors’ strengths and global resources, Maxus has been able to develop its own core values for international competition just as the three arrows and ellipse form a greater force for the future. This logo marks a step forward in SAIC Maxus’s vision of becoming a globally competitive commercial vehicle producer that creates value for its customers.

MPV G10 leads the way to MPV future

You could see how the MPV G10 met the expectations of the audience, by gradually showing its extremely modern, fashionable exterior and giving a unique sense of the times against a background of changing lights. This was the official appearance of the G10, marking the beginning of SAIC Maxus’s dual strategy and its move towards a future of diversified development.

If we can say that its first product, the V80, met international standards and accelerated the technical improvements of domestic wide-body, light-weight vehicles and set a new benchmark for the European wide-body, light-weight auto industry, then the MPV G10 has given customers the experience of a product of the future, one that is 10 years ahead of its time, with its market insights and product design.

The G10 has changed a stagnant period by introducing another market segment. It came from a famous British commercial vehicle brand LDV’s BD100 vehicle, which was sold as a high-end vehicle for its design, using SAIC Motors’ R&D resources at the SAIC UK Technical Centre, the SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Technical Center, and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. The G10 is forward-looking and dynamic, with advanced safety features, and user-friendly technology to meet the various needs of customers. It uses an Italian design, with a modern exterior and an interior that is full of vision, spacious, and comfortable, and equipped with a leading, extra-large panoramic skylight for an creating excellent atmosphere.

Most notably, to meet the desire for efficiency, the G10 uses SAIC Motor’s cutting-edge, high-performance 2.0 TGI engine, an integrated turbocharger, GDI direct fuel injection, and DVVT double variable valves. It can deliver 225 horsepower, with maximum torque of 345 Nm and 82.5 kilowatts per liter.

The engine uses an ultra-silent chain-driven timing system with high power, low fuel consumption and low noise level. The G10’s groundbreaking “Magic box cabin” design provides unprecedentedly large cabin space and flexible use. The second- and third-rows seats can all move along guide rails to make for a more comfortable ride or more spacious luggage room.  

In terms of security, the G10 inherits the ultra-safe European MPV standards, an integrated body structure, and high-strength steel sheeting, as well as Bosch’s latest generation electronic stabilization system for both active and passive safety. The keyless start-up system, multi-function steering wheel, multimedia touch screen, and other user-friendly configuration together achieve the MPV G10.

And, there is a group of consumers who drive the MPV market demand and G10 is the MPV that can meet their demands. This is a product that SAIC Motor used its integrated global quality to build, catering even to future needs and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Its appearance will change the polarized MPV market landscape and provide mainstream MPV customers with a more competitive product, while leading China’s MPV market into a golden era.

The G10 runs in price from 129,800 yuan ($20,833) to 219,800 yuan, and will be the first model to be introduced online and offline simultaneously worldwide. And, a special tailor-made online version of the G10 will be available at, the e-commerce platform to be opened by SAIC Motors to meet individual needs.

Brand strategy from revolutionary pusher to leader

With the introduction of the MPV G10, SAIC Maxus has shown its dual V80 - G10 strategy, while it is also making arrangements for the pickup truck and new-energy markets, enriching the product line by adding almost one new product, every year, to give customers a value upgrade experience.

The corporation will also be exploring overseas markets and return to Europe with stricter quality standards and international quality, while consolidating its position in the domestic market. In technology, SAIC Maxus will integrate global resources, follow its “G-Value” concept, and make full use of its Grand Experience, Great Power, Green Concept, and Global Technology approach to bring value and trust.

SAIC Maxus has taken on an important mission of assisting SAIC Motor in leading innovation and breakthroughs in China’s commercial vehicle business, and now, it has risen in the industry, going from game changer to revolutionary, and will take a leading role in the future, using innovation for industrial reform and a broader challenge in more markets.

The press conference in Shanghai enlightened a signal light that symbolized SAIC Maxus is getting ready to set out on a new journey to make Chinese commercial vehicle brands shine in a most dazzling way on the global stage.

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