SAIC Maxus changes its role in the car industry

The commercial vehicle market regained its momentum, in 2013, with sales up 6.4 percent from the previous year, and with sales of light commercial vehicles registered a bigger growth rate than for 2012, and remarkable growth for both old and new brands. And, new brands, as represented by Maxus, breathed some new life into the sector and brought consumers more choices.

“大通速度”强势发力 从“行业破局者”走向“变革推动者”

Maxus is a new brand, with less than three years of market exposure, but, thanks to its competitiveness and a more favorable market for commercial vehicles, in 2013, it sold more than 10,000 units, an industrial record. SAIC Maxus followed Level-4 National Emission Standards, playing an exemplary role for the industry and it transformed itself, going from a trailblazer to a reformer in the light commercial vehicle industry, in 2013.

In 2014, it has announced its new range of V80s and its concept G10, the first MPV commercial vehicle and arranged an after-sale service contest to bring services to the international level. In the international market, it is a leader among all domestic automakers, exporting wide-body light commercial vehicles to more countries than any of its competitors, giving it an established name globally.

To get this way, SAIC Maxus has relied on innovative applications of advanced technology, and it has the full support of SAIC Motor, a Global 500 corporation, and is banking on the technological strength of LDV commercial vehicles that Britain has developed over the past century.

In the past two years, SAIC Maxus has succeeded in changing traditional views of commercial vehicles and their backward technology and succeeded in coming out with the new V80 model, in just one year. In 2013, following its “Driving to the future” principle, SAIC Maxus introduced the concept G10, the first MPV commercial vehicle on in the Chinese market, with its global technology, great power, and green concepts. The G10 was an indication of just how SAIC Maxus could build vehicles with technologies in the future. SAIC Maxus also adhered to the Level-4 National Emission Standards for its full range of vehicles, making it a leader among all domestic automakers.

In 2014, SAIC Maxus will give priority in promoting its core vehicle V80 and flagship G10, and will drive its development with technology and global resources. It is expected that Maxus will lead a technological revolution in the domestic commercial vehicle market.

In 2013, MAIC Maxus sold more than 10,000 commercial vehicles, for a growth of 60 percent year-on-year and a market share of 8 percent, making it one of the top three in China’s wide-body light commercial vehicle sector. And, it reached that position in a mere three years, something that usually takes at least seven for other auto manufacturers. That year, SAIC Maxus grew 131.4 percent in global market expansion, with Maxus models exported to 22 countries, making it an export leader. That development speed is still accelerating, overtaking some domestic rivals and it is now competing with two top automakers in the light commercial vehicle business.

In 2014, SAIC Maxus is expected to bring changes to the market with unprecedented speed and a technology edge, causing one industry commentator to say, “SAIC Maxus’s development speed is surprising. If it can use its advantages and grow further, the company will make more industry breakthroughs.” In the eyes of many light commercial vehicle dealers, the key to SAIC Maxus’s success is its services. In 2013, it strengthened its service system and set itself the task of providing care-free service including all-weather emergency roadside assistance, 1-hour response, 24-hour customer service, and 48-hour solutions. Because of its vehicle quality confidence, SAIC Maxus can offer a 3-year or 80,000-kilometer guarantee for its powertrain and a 2-year or 50,000-km whole vehicle guarantee. This covers more than 90 percent of spare parts, while the guarantees provided by other automakers cover only 60 percent. Its service network contains 188 service stations by the end of 2013. And, it has placed equal importance on developing a dealer and service network in the overseas market, to cover such important markets as other parts of Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. In addition, it even held a global service skill contest to improve the service personnel.

Even as a latecomer in the wide-body light commercial vehicle market, SAIC Maxus still joined the top three, in 2013, with its technology, speed, and value, making it possible now to take advantage of new market opportunities in 2014 and consolidate its position domestically and improve its brand image and influence globally.

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