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Q: What is the Company's development strategy?

A: SAIC Motor will adhere to the market-oriented strategy, firmly grasp the "Four New Trends", and strengthen the building of self-owned core competence. Driven by continuous and rapid implementation of major innovations and supported by digital transformation, the Company will achieve parallel development of manufacturing and services, to create a new SAIC Motor with more influential brands, more competitive system and more flexible mechanism. While maintaining the leading position in the domestic market of vehicles, the Company is focusing on promoting structure adjustment and layout optimization in order to reach global sales of 7 million vehicles worldwide by 2025:

In terms of brand structure, it will change from joint venture-based to the collaborative development of self-owned brands and joint venture brands, with the global sales of self-owned brands accounting for 60%. In terms of product technology, it will upgrade and transform from conventional automobile technology to electric intelligent connected vehicle technology, with the global sales of new energy vehicles accounting for 50% and the domestic sales of intelligent connected vehicles equipped with L2 and above technology accounting for more than 50%. In terms of market structure, it will shift from domestic to domestic and overseas development, with the overseas sales reaching 1.5 million and accounting for more than 20%. SAIC MOTOR will strive to become a world-class automobile enterprise with trillion-level sales revenue, global competitiveness, and international brand influence.

Q: What's the company's Business plan in 2023?

A: In 2023, the Company will follow the general principle of "pursuing progress in stability, the key is in progress", go all out to prevent risks and to stabilize growth, overcome the interference of unfavorable factors, take efforts on both ends of supply and demand, deeply tap the potential of cost down and efficiency up, seize the structural market opportunities, enhance the resilience of operation, improve the quality and efficiency of development. The Company will also unswervingly strengthen innovation and promote transformation, further cultivate and strengthen new momentum for development, focus on user needs, consolidate the technical base, promote fast and effective launching of major projects and key products, and continuously deepen the system and mechanism reform to better stimulate the team vitality. The Company will strive to achieve annual sales of 6 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of more than 10%, a total operating income of more than RMB 800 billion, and an operating cost of RMB 710 billion.

1. The Company will coordinate market development and risk prevention to steadily improve the quality and efficiency of economic operation. In terms of expanding market, the Company will focus on terminal retail, make good use of various support policies, create consumption scenarios, release consumption potentials, and further optimize the structures of production, sales and inventory. The Company will strive to sell more than 1.5 million new energy vehicles throughout the year and 1.2 million vehicles to the overseas market. The Company will deeply develop the key overseas markets by launching a new generation of star "global vehicles" to promote a new leap in the quality and efficiency of international business. In terms of ensuring supply, the Company will focus on the safety of the industry chain, accelerate the localization of chips, continuously strengthen the management of the supply chain, and continue to deepen the coordination of "production, transportation and sales". In terms of preventing risks, the Company will carry out various tasks based on the new situations at the new stage, continue to focus on cost down and efficiency up, quality and safety, and work with certain efforts to respond to uncertain challenges.

2. The Company will continuously deepen the reform and innovation work to strengthen the core competitiveness for the new track. Firstly, the Company will accelerate the integration of resources based on various scenarios, and strengthen the core capabilities of electric intelligent connection, so as to promote the implementation of advanced technologies. Secondly, the Company will enhance the innovation capability to actively empower major strategic projects such as IM Motors, RISING Auto, Robotaxi, and intelligent heavy trucks by optimizing the organization mechanism, and continue to expand the application scale. Thirdly, the Company will continuously strengthen the innovation capability of each business segment, target at the key vehicles of self-owned brands, to raise the level of independent innovation.

3. The Company will further strengthen the team building of cadres and talents to construct a talent highland for innovation and development. Firstly, the Company will continuously strengthen the management of professional managers by optimizing and improving the market-oriented selection and employment mechanism. Secondly, the Company will strengthen the training and selection of young cadres by exploring and improving diversified ways such as rotation, temporary posting, training etc. Thirdly, the Company will focus on the team building of technological innovation talents through the introduction of urgently needed talents, absorption of the new force, strengthening of service guarantees and other initiatives. Fourthly, the Company will further expand the team of high-skilled talents by optimizing the talent training system and focusing on skill training.

Q: What are policies of cash dividend distribution of the Company in 2022?

A: The Company plans to distribute cash dividends of RMB 3.37 (inclusive of tax) per 10 shares, amounting to RMB 3,873,908,518.85 in total based on 11,495,277,504 shares, that is, the total shares of 11,683,461,365 net of the number of shares (188,183,861 shares) on the special securities account for repurchase as of the disclosure date of the annual report. The Company has no plan of capitalization of capital reserve this year. During the period from the disclosure date of the annual report to the registration date of equity distribution, if there is any change in the number of shares entitled to profit distribution due to situations such as repurchase of shares, the total amount of profit distribution is maintained and the amount of distribution per share is adjusted accordingly.

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